Clyde Holmes


Ruth Lambert MBE (Chairman, Tabernacle Trust, Machynlleth)
Clyde Holmes’s visual language of light on the mountains of North Wales, is in our experience, unsurpassed.
David Woodford (Artist)
It is evident in his work that he was guided by the authority of the place; a place that shared its powers with the echoed formations in the sky. His work owed nothing to the picturesque; it was uniquely fashioned by a submission to the full emptiness of wildness. In this he produced a powerful image that takes its place amongst the true expressions of Wales. Of course, wilderness is not a uniquely national phenomenon and any painter worth his salt will by-pass the parochial for the universal, as he did.
Michael Hamburger (Art critic)
These poems need to be read slowly and meditated upon. There is a silence here (as in his paintings) - the reduction to essence, the things left unsaid. This level of concentration awareness and brevity is a rare attainment.
Margaret Drabble (Author)
These poems by Clyde Holmes show a remarkable intimacy with the natural world, and a freshness of observation that comes only from familiarity... they are authentic... the reward of many years of work, commitment and close communion with the landcape he reveals so vividly.
John Appleby (Photographer)
Clyde's landscapes are bold, sweeping and accomplished but the palette is usually limited to the clutch of colours which detail the barren land and ever changing sky.