Clyde Holmes

The Clyde Holmes Studio Show at MOMA Wales was a huge success. The Gallery also purchased a painting, Winding River, for their private collection.

We were lucky to have the Artist, David Woodford opening the show and he has been good enough to give us a written version of the opening speech. download here
Many people responded positively to the Clyde Holmes Studio Works show, here are some quotes from the visitors book:
  • "Clyde Holmes' landscapes in the Owen Owen gallery draw you further in the further away you stand, Fantastic"
  • "Particularly enjoyed Clyde Holmes' landscapes, wonderful use of light and shadow"
  • "Always inspired by the exhibitions here, Clyde Holmes' work outstanding"
  • "Really liked Clyde Holmes' paintings, only wish my house was big enough for the larger ones"
  • "Excellent as always, especially Clyde Holmes"
  • "Beautiful! Really enjoyed seeing Clyde Holmes' Work."
  • "Amazing paintings, very inspiring thanks."

Clyde to be included in a new book

Clyde Holmes is included in Peter Bishop's book, The Mountains of Snowdonia in Art: The Visualisation of Mountain Scenery from the Mid Eighteenth Century to the Present Day. This hard-back art book contains 46 artists and 68 colour plates featuring a range of media - drawing, print (engraving, aquatint, litho) watercolour and painting. This Book will be published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (publication date to be confirmed) We will let you know when the book is available

Books on sale soon

Featherpaths and the Skywalls poetry publications will be available via this website in 2014